Stay Beautiful

There is no single secret that can be used for every one to stay young and beautiful. Our skin and body constitution is very different and individualized.

When the production of Growth Hormone (GH) in our body diminished due to what ever reason, e.g. ageing process, the problem of getting old is inevitable, thereby affecting our beauty and youthfulness.

The process cannot be stopped unless we find the fruits of longevity or the fountain of youth. What is sure the effect of the ageing can be delayed. As a general guideline to stay beautiful, avoid stress. Because stress fasten the ageing process. Holistic health care, like spa, aroma therapy, body massage, facial massage, steam bath, body wraps are very good for relaxation and worth visiting.

Using old fashion method to attend to beauty is not applicable anymore. To solve the skin problem such as, sun burn, dry skin, oily skin or dull skin, pimple and sagging skin need the use of cosmetic products. Selection of cosmetic products is very important so as to avoid harmful material affecting our skin.

As per se, beauty come from within, therefore eat balanced and nourishing diet, drink plenty water, juice, get have enough sleep and rest. Do regular exercises and take food supplements such as vitamins and minerals. Taking food supplement is important because as we get older for whatever reason the absorption of nutrient in our body affected. Our body since can’t get enough nutrient through the normal ways. Looking at all those we hope that our beauty and youthfulness can be prolonged for many years to come.

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