Skin Care

Healthy and beautiful skin is very amusing to look at and a dream of every man and woman.Good nutrition, good sleep, antioxidant, no stress and external skin protection is important in maintaining healthy skin.

Avoid excessive exposure to sun ray because the UV ray from the sun will damage the collagen and DNA of the skin cell. Don’t forget the skin care products, for our skin. There are thousand of skin products in the market. The branded one, such as, Estee Lauder, SK- 11, Shiseido , Kose and a lot more ranging from soap, cleanser, lotion, oil, cream, gel and talcum powder. Each of these products is manufactured for beauty purpose and has special and specific application, e.g., for the face, scalp, body, palm and sole of the feet.

I would like to mention about the skin moisturizer. Some of the moisturizer is very mild, such as, baby body lotion. The are some with added value containing vitamin A & E, anti oxidant, whitening and UV protection. Moisturizers will help to moisture and nourish our skin so that it looks healthy, fresh , replenish, rejuvenated and smoothen wrinkles. If the skin is healthy, people will see our beauty and youthfulness aura shining from our body and face.

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  1. Yes, having clear and radiant skin is everyone's dream regardless of gender -- and it all starts with understanding the type of skin one has so that one can follow the correct skin care regimen.

    You might want to check this out: -- it contains a lot of information about beauty and skin care. Cheers!



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