Casual Dress

The most popular dress is the casual wear. It’s because of it simplicity and versatility. Casual wear comes in various fashion and style which captured the eyes and attention of people of all ages, regardless men or women.

Young and old loves jeans and T-shirts. There are classical jeans and modern jeans. Modern jeans, changes every time fashion change. There are many styles and colours ranging from blue, faded blue, black, peach colour, brown and,etc. For men there are straight cut jeans which make them looks slim, tall and macho. For girls the most popular cutting is the skin fitted and low bottom which thus exposing the waist a bit making them look seductive..

T-shirts are also very popular, They comes in all sizes, colours and styles. Every year the colours and patterns are changing and improving. From plain colours to the highly decorated once with pictures such as floral, abstract, words and logos. Those with bulky bodies, loose and cool T-shirt are more appropriate. Where as those with slim and sexy bodies, the cutting according to body shape is more beautiful. Good T-shirts can be wear all day long as it gives freedom and complete relaxation.

Other accessories such as; fancy ear rings, hand bags, fancy necklaces , bangles and fancy shoes and sandals can be paired for women clothing. Sport shoes and watches and nice sunglasses are also good for men to wear to improve their self image and appearance.

In tropical climate which is warm and humid, fabric use for garments are usually made from natural material such as, rayon,cotton,linen ,silk and polycotton which is almost 100% cotton. Selection of casual wear is very important, never compromise with quality, and because good quality can make the wearer feel confident, comfortable, elegant, graceful, sexy and macho. Beside that, good quality fabric is durable and long lasting.

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  1. I like this article.. Casual dress is never lost era.. simple and enjoy



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